YC3 series (Cable operated type - For heavy / extra heavy duty)
*The above sheet data depend on the actual treating method and the pollution condition of the wastewater.
*The different usage will have the different raking teeth opening and treating capacities, please contact us directly.
*Please note that the above power consumption be designed for the channel depth under 10 meter, if over 10 meter, the power consumption will be enlarged one level.
*Please offer us the data of the channel width / depth, installation angle, raking teeth opening, dregs discharge height, highest water level.
*Models indicate when ordering - example YC3-90-100 (i.e. model - screen width - teeth opening)
*The company reserves the right of design modification and accepts customer’s special order.
*Please ask for the actual dimension before ordering.  

These equipments’ design for intercepting and gaining the floating impurity, suspended solid of wastewater treating plant, pumping station, city drainage integrated treatment plant, all kinds of industrial wastewater…etc, and for protecting the post-equipment (pump) of the wastewater treatment to avoid to be clogged by the impurity. Generally speaking for coarse / extreme large grille design applications.