Micro-Fine Screen Filtration Machine (Inward Wheel-Screens Type)
(Aperture :110~2500μm)

DF-60 DF-80 DF-120 DF-160 DF-160L DF-200
Treating capacity (Clean water)
(Depends on the filter opening)
15~150 50~450 90~900 130~1200 170~1600 250~2500
Power consumption (HP) Standard accessories Driving motor
(Speed variable)
1/4 1/2 1/2 1 1 2
Optional accessories Washing pump Power consumption depends on the mesh demand
Machine frame material Standard Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Optional Stainless Steel (SUS316)、Other special materials
Reference machine dimensions(mm) L 1500 2250 2400 2400 2900 3000
W 1350 1500 2050 2430 2430 2830
H 1100 1400 1760 2170 2170 2620
Reference weight (kgs) 360 630 920 1350 1650 2100
* Washing pump and sewage pump are optional, please contact us directly.
* The above sheet data (treating capacity) depend on the estimated calculation and analysis of the filter opening of 8~150#, and by
  the approximate clean water quality base.
* Filter opening depends on customer’s request.
* The above treating capacities depend on the filter opening and the pollution condition of the wastewater.
* The company reserves the right of design modification and accepts customer’s special order.
* Please ask for the actual dimension before ordering.
* Adopted the above goods after the sedimentary tank or dissolved air floation system of the 2nd class treatment and a good
  substitute for the fine filtering of the sand filter (tank) to reach the high discharging standard.
* To treat the removing of the suspended solids and impurities of the discharge water after the various industrial wastewater
  treatment for the recycling usage.
* The particle removing of the fine suspended solid of the 3rd class wastewater treatment.
* The filtration treatment of the processing water of the various industry for the recycling using (non suspension matter on liquid
* For the filtering and separating treatment of impurities for the river water / tap water / rainwater / groundwater.
* For high density aquaculture water purification loop filter use.