PL-M (Single-tank / Two-tank / Three-tank series)
(Suitable for middle consistency0.1~0.5 %)

Machine frame material Standard SUS304
Optional SS400/SS41 / SUS316 / P.P. / P.V.C.
Chemical solution agitator (HP) 3/4~2 x 1Pcs 3/4~2 x 2Pcs 1/4~5 x 3Pcs
Chemical solution transferring pump (HP) None 1~2 x 1Pcs None
Chemical solution production capacity (L/hr) Spec. – Refer to PL1 Series Spec. – Refer to PL2 Series Spec. – Refer to PL3 Series
Powder feeding hopper volume (L)
Powder metering feeder (fixed speed / variable speed) (HP)
Reference machine dimensions
Reference weight (kgs)
* Please provide the clean water pressure not below 2.5kg/cm² to get the good producing result. (If the pressure is too low,
    please consider to add the water supply pump at the water source (optional)
* For making consistency over 0.6%, please contact us directly.
* The company reserves the right of design modification and accepts customer’s special order.
* Please ask for the actual dimension before ordering.

* Specially suitable for municipal wastewater treating factory, industrial wastewater treating factory and requirement of the flocculant
   solution feeding industry.
* Extensively applied by sewage dewatering, wastewater treatment and the flocculant solution feeding occasions of the various
   processing industry (food,chemical,dyeing,papermaking...etc.).
* Suitable for the power's dissolving feeding of the various dry power, pellet flocculant and condensing liquid.