SE Series Special for processing materials treatment middle duty type
(Drilled metal mesh)

SE-20 SE-25 SE-30 SE-35 SE-40 SE-50
Treating capacity (M3/Hr) 5~8 10~15 20~30 20~40 40~60 65~85
Driving motor power (HP) 7.5 15 15 25 25 50
Reference Machine dimension(mm) L 2420 2980 3200 3650 3900 4460
W 1040 1090 1090 1190 1190 1340
H 1500 1650 1700 1950 2000 2400
Reference weight (kgs) 740 950 1050 1450 1690 2300
* The treating capacity and water content’s rate will be changed with the physical properties,types and dissolved solid rate.
* The driving motor power, treating capacity will be changed with the physical properties and types of processing materials.
* The company reserves the right of design modification and accepts customer’s special order.
* Please ask for the actual dimension before ordering.
Dewatering Examples (For Reference Only)
* Distillers grains, brewer's grains, soy sauce dregs, fruit dregs, cassava residue, tea leaves dregs, coffee grounds, sugar cane
   bagasse, herb dregs, sweet potato residue, starch residue, leaves and vegetable market residue materials, fiber materials, raw /
   cooked food waste, fish processing, sawdust, paper pulp, chemical industry, slaughterhouse wastewater, and other industries
   solid-liquid separating dehydration.
* Extrusion processing broken or crushed uncooked or cooked material.
* Agricultural fibrous, particulate matter and other related dehydration.
* Dehydration of dregs, fibrous, particulate related substances in a variety of industrial process.