YU series (Slanting Screen Type)
YU系列 (斜板式)

Spec. & Sieve slots
YU-70 YU-130 YU-190
Treating capacity (Clean water)
(m3 /hr)
Sieve slots (Aperture)
0.3 10.5 26 38
0.5 36 87 129
1.0 44 108 161
1.5 48 117 174
2.0 54 132 197
3.0 81 198 295
Power consumption (HP) Standard Low-pressure washing device driving motor 1/2 1/2 1/2
High-pressure washing device driving motor 40W 40W x 2 40W x 3
Optional Low-pressure type washing pump (3~5kg/cm2) Power consumption depends on the aperture demand
High-pressure type washing pump (20~30kg/cm2) Power consumption depends on the aperture demand
Screw pump
(Suitable for livestock , fiber slurry)
2 2 3
Machine frame material Standard Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Optional Stainless Steel (SUS316)
Other special materials
Reference machine dimensions
L 1600 1600 1600
W 1050 1550 2150
H 1960 1960 1960
W1 685 1285 1885
H1 400 400 400
Reference weight (kgs) 390 490 600
* Washing pump and sewage pump are optional, please contact us directly.
* The above sheet data depend on the actual treating method and the pollution condition of the wastewater.
* The different usage will have the different sieve slots(below 0.3mm , over 3.0 mm)and treating capacities , please contact
   us directly.
* Two washing device type for choice (low-pressure type and high-pressure type).
* The company reserves the right of design modification and accepts customer’s special order.
* Please ask for the actual dimension before ordering.

*Hospital, livelihood sewage, city drainage integrated treatment plant, printing / dyeing industry, textile industry, leather & tannery industry, paper-making industry, chemical industry, aquatic products processing factory, food industry, meat processing factory, butchery industry, wine-making industry, sugar Mill…etc. for removing the forepart dross and solid of the above wastewater treatment and solid / liquid separating engineering.
*For separating the floater from the animal husbandry sewage and solid / liquid separating treatment engineering.
*For the raw material recycling treatment of the paper & pulp industry.
*For protecting the post-equipment (pump) of the wastewater treatment to avoid to be clogged by the impurity.