DR series (Outward Wheel-Screen Type)

Spec. & Sieve slots
DR-60-30 DR-60-60 DR-60-90 DR-60-120 DR-60-180
Treating capacity (Clean water)
(m3 /hr)
Sieve slots (Aperture)
0.3 12 24 36 48 72
0.5 41 82 124 160 240
1.0 76 154 230 300 450
1.5 93 186 278 360 540
2.0 114 228 340 440 660
3.0 145 286 425 550 826
Power consumption (HP) Standard Driving motor
(Speed variable or Inverter )
(Speed variable)
(Speed variable)
Optional Washing pump Power consumption depends on the different aperture demand
Machine frame material Standard Stainless steel (SUS304)
Optional Stainless steel (SUS316) , Other special materials
Reference machine dimensions
L 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
W 900 1200 1500 1800 2400
H 1650 1650 1700 1700 1700
Reference weight (kgs) 300 430 550 680 960
*Washing pump and sewage pump are optional, please contact us directly.
*The above sheet data depend on the actual treating method and the pollution condition of the wastewater
*The different usage will have the different sieve slots(below 0.3mm , over 3.0 mm)and treating capacities , please contact us directly.
*The company reserves the right of design modification and accepts customer’s special order.
*Please ask for the actual dimension before ordering.

*The filter separating and removing of the pellet dirt of the various industrial wastewater treatment.
*The filter before tap water intaking, the filtering-recovering of the rainwater.
*The removing of the kitchen waste, grease dross...etc. solid state matter before the wineshop, restaurant, leisure entertainment's comprehensive centralized water.
*The removing of the dross, suspension pellet...etc. solid state matter of the painting industry's circulating recycling water.
*The removing of the bigger solid state matter of the metallurgy sewage, mining industry sewage, wood processing industry sewage.
*The removing of the fragmental solid state matter of the butchery industry, meat processing industry, fish processing industry.
*The solid-liquid separating of the fruit processing industry, vegetable processing industry.
*The engineering drainage and large size wastewater treating of the city mixed raw sewage, paper & pulp sewage, chemical industry sewage...etc.
*The filtering removing of the dross pellet of the winery industry, pickled industry.