TL / TLM Membrane plate fully automatic type (Filter clothes moving ) series
(Full automatic start‐up, dewatering, unloading, filter cloth cleaning, free manual operation)
TC3 Fully Automatic Type (External Front Cleaning Filter Cloth) Serie
Machine outline diagram
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)

Filter cake

press type
Filter plate type Filter plate size & quantity (mm/piece)

Filter area

treating capacity (Sludge cake volume) (Liter/Lot) Ref. Machine dimension
(Naked type)
(Not included base frame height)
TL-63-20 One time
feed press
Mine type Chamber typ 630 x 20 11.8 167 5950x1500x2250
-30 x 30 18.0 255 8710x1500x2250
-40 x 40 24.2 343 9670x1500x2250
TL-100-20 1000 x 20 30.8 518 6930x1880x2640
-30 x 30 47.0 791 9030x1880x2640
-40 x 40 63.2 1064 11100x1880x2640
TL-150-20 1500 x 20 81.7 1360 7450x2550x3300
-30 x 30 124.7 2076 9790x2550x3300
-40 x 40 166.7 2792 12130x2550x3300
TLM-63-21 Second time membrane pressurization Mine type Chamber type + Membrane plate 630 x 21 12.6 183 6180x1500x2250
-31 x 31 18.9 274 8040x1500x2250
-41 x 41 25.2 386 9900x1500x2250
TLM-100-21 1000 x 21 34.5 558 7140x1880x2640
-31 x 31 51.7 837 9240x1880x2640
-41 x 41 68.9 1116 11350x1880x2640
TLM-150-21 1500 x 21 87.6 1448 7670x2550x3300
-31 x 31 131.4 2172 10010x2550x3300
-41 x 41 175.2 2896 12320x2550x3300
  • *The conveyor type , Auto filtrate guard type is optional.
  • *Another 16kg/cm2 class, model front +H (optional).
  • *The company reserves the right of design modification.
  • *The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the company reserves the right to design changes.
  • *Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.
Features & Usages
*It can be fully automated from start-up, dehydration, unloading, filter cloth cleaning, free of manual operation.
*The filter cloth moves around, the sludge cake can be completely unloaded, and it can be completely free of manual operation, a revolutionary new initiative.
*The best weapon for "Ai Industry Artificial Intelligence" that can be fully automated is used in various wastewater treatments.
*Feeding from upper part of chamber plate, after filter press, re-press, filter core blowback (optional equipment), unloading, filter cloth cleaning is automatically completed.
*The filter cloth driving device drives the filter cloth to move up and down, the filter cake is easy to be automatically removed, and the front cleaning device makes the filter cloth clean inside and outside thoroughly.
*The filtering area is large, the dehydration and extrusion increase the dryness of the sludge, the new design concept is easy to operate, and it is an efficient and energy-saving automatic filter press.
*Standard PLC control of man-machine, feeding, pressure filtering, unloading of sludge cake, and cleaning of filter cloth can be completed automatically without human operation.
*Automatic feeding system for filter cloth walking: sludge cake is completely unloaded without sticking to the filter cloth. Due to the walking design of the filter cloth, even if it is not easy to fall automatically sludge cake is also very easy to peel off automatically when the filter cloth is turned.
*Applicable to industrial wastes: industrial sludge, sewage plant sludge, water resources sludge, incinerator fly ash dehydration equipment.
Application industries and usages
*It can be fully automated from start-up, dewatering, unloading, and cleaning.
*Filter cloth walking design, the mud cake can be completely removed, and it can be completely free of manual operation, a revolutionary new initiative.
*Using the best weapon of “Ai Industrial Artificial Intelligence” in various industrial processes.
*Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: solid-liquid separation of chemical raw materials and process filtration and dehydration equipment.
*Food processing industry: soy sauce vinegar, fruit juice, soy milk, wine making and other filtration processes.
*Solid / liquid separation and dehydration in the process of making (medical) medicine, dyeing (pigment) materials, pottery (porcelain) soil, recycling, grinding, stone, metallurgy and other related industrial processes
*Mining sand and gravel industry: solid-liquid separation and dewatering equipment such as cement plants, sand quarries, coal mines, and metal mines.