Automatic bar screen(rear rack/steel cable type)
Automatic bar screen(ladder/rotary)
Solid and liquid separation machine(outer / inner wheel/ inclined screen)
Oil and water separation equipment(wastewater oil removal machine)
High-efficiency pressurized flotation(air flotation) equipment
Efficient shallow pressure floatation(air flotation) equipment
Inclined plate type rapid sedimentation tank
Desander/sand water separator
Sludge thickener
Automatic chemical dissolving machine for powder dissolution
Filter belt type sludge dewatering machine
Chamber plate type / membrane type secondary filter press dehydrator
Screw press type dewatering machine
SA Series (filter extrusion type)
Multi-ring screw type sludge dewatering equipment
Sludge drying equipment
Micro-fine sieve filter
Super intelligent precision differential pressure filter
Fully automatic pressure backwash sand bed filter
Automatic continuous flow sand bed filtering equipment
Heat pump vacuum waste liquid evaporation concentration reduction processor
Vapor-type waste liquid evaporation concentration reduction treatment equipment
Special solid and liquid separation extruder for poultry manure
Small amount of animal manure rapid fermentation machine
Large-scale poultry manure rapid fermentation composting equipment
A large-scale spiral dehydrator for kitchen waste and fruit and vegetable waste
Small kitchen waste decomposition and fermentation processing machine
Complete set of processing equipment for organic fertilizer from kitchen waste,fruit and vegetable waste, poultry and livestock manures
Small sewage treatment system
Waste water treatment line
Manufacture of various filter plates / filter cloths and filter belts
Micro(green)algae harvester(multi-layer filter type) waste
Coarse / fine filtering equipment
Thickening equipment
Dosing equipment
Dehydration equipment
Drying equipment