DF Series (inside screen type)
(Aperture :110~2500μm)
Machine outline diagram
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)
Spec. Model
DF-60 DF-80 DF-120 DF-160 DF-160L
Capacity (clear water)
(depending on the size of the mesh)
15~150 50~450 90~900 130~1200 170~1600
Power usage(HP) Standard Drum drive
(no step speed)
1/4 1/2 1/2 1 1
Optional Wash pump Power depending on the size of the mesh
Machine material Standard Stainless steel (SUS304)
Optional Stainless steel (SUS316)、other special material
Reference dimension(mm) L 1500 2250 2400 2400 3000
W 1350 1500 2050 2430 2430
H 1100 1400 1760 2170 2250
Reference weight (kgs) 360 630 920 1350 1750
* The above table processing capacity is calculated based on the analysis of the filter specifications of 8 ~ 150 # mesh, based on the water quality close to clean water.
* Cleaning pump and sewage pump are optional, please contact us separately.
* Screen specifications are based on actual needs.
* The amount of treatment should be based on the screen aperture and water pollution.
* The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the company reserves the right to design changes.
* Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.
* Remove suspended solids of fine particles with a particle size of 110 μm or more in waste water.
* The filtration of the secondary treatment sedimentation tank or the pressurized floating tank outflow water can replace the fine filtration of the sand filter bucket to achieve more stringent discharge standards.
* S.S. in the discharged water after industrial wastewater treatment and impurity filtration, removal and recycling.
* Fine suspended solids of three-stage wastewater treatment removes and filters.
* The process of various industries is filtered by water circulation (non-floating substances on liquid surface).
* River water/tap water/rainwater/groundwater impurities are filtered and separated.
* High-density aquaculture water purification and circulation filtration use.