A large amount of kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste special screw dewatering machine SKSeries
SE-S 針對禽畜糞專用輕負荷型(楔型網)
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)

SK-25 SK-35 SK-40 SK-50 SK-60
Tank volume (M3/hr) 1~2.5 2~9 8~16 15~20 20~35
SDrive power (HP) 5~10 10~20 15~30 30~75 50~100

Reference dimension

L 2900 3500 3700 4450 5800
W 900 1000 1350 1500 1800
H 1550 2000 2500 2000 2300
Reference weight (kgs) 800 1500 2800 4500 6500
* The amount of treatment and water content vary depending on the physical properties, type and solid content.
* The driving horsepower and the amount of processing will vary depending on the type of physical property.
* The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the company reserves the right to design changes.
* Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.
Application industries and usages
* Distiller's grains, beer grains, soy sauce, romance, cassava residue, tea residue, coffee grounds, bagasse, Chinese medicine residue, sweet potato residue, starch residue, vegetable market leaves and undercuts, fiber materials raw / cooked kitchen waste, aquatic products Solid/liquid separation and dewatering of materials from various industries such as processing, wood chips, paper mill pulp, chemical industry, and slaughterhouse sewage.
* The process is broken or pulverized, the cooked material is solid/liquid separated, squeezed and dehydrated, and the fiber and the granular material are extruded and dehydrated.
* Dehydration of dregs, fibrous and granular related substances in various industrial processes.