YC3 series (Cable operated type - For heavy / extra heavy duty)
Machine outline diagram
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)
*The above listed data is subject lo the on-site process and water quality ccndilions.
*Please select the fence size and handling capacity for different purposes.
*The power in the table is the power when the channel depth is less than 10M. When the depth exceeds 10M, the power needs to be increased by one level.
*Customers must provide the following parameters when ordering: channel width, channel depth, installation angle, bar spacing, slag removal height, maximum water level.
*When ordering, the model number is shown - Example YC3-90-10 (ie model - effective screen width - bar spacing)
*The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the ccmpany reserves the right to design changes
*Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.  

It is mainly used in sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, comprehensive municipal sewage plants, various industrial wastewaters, etc., intercepting and catching floating objects, suspended solids and heavier sediments in the water to protect the pump from foreign matter. Generally used as a large, extra large barscreen.