DR Series (Outer wheel screen)
Machine outline diagram
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)

DR-60-30 DR-60-60 DR-60-90 DR-60-120 DR-60-180
Capacity (water)
(m3 /hr)
Screen slit(spacing)
0.5 41 82 124 160 240
1.0 76 154 230 300 450
1.5 93 186 278 360 540
2.0 114 228 340 440 660
3.0 145 286 425 550 826
Power usage (HP) 5tandard Drum drive (no step changer or inverter) 1/2
no step changer
no step changer
Optional Washing pump Power demand will vary depending on the spacing of the screen
Material 5tandard Stainless steel (SUS304)
Optional Stainless steel (SUS316) , Other special materials
Referance dimension
L 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
W 900 1200 1500 1800 2400
H 1650 1650 1700 1700 1700
Referance weight (kgs) 280 350 420 480 680
*Washing pump and sewage pump are optional, please contact us separately
*The above listed data is subject to the on-site process and water quality conditions
*Wedge mesh size (smaller than 0.5 mm , larger than 3.0 mm) and processing capacity for different applications, please contact us separately
*The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the company reserves the right to design changes
*Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.

*Filtration separation and removal of particulate contaminants in various types of industrial wastewater.
*The tap water is filtered before entering the water and filtered by rainwater
*The removal of solid materials such as kitchen waste and grease scum before the hotel, catering industry,
leisure and entertainment.
*The removal of solids such as scum and suspended particles from circulating water in the paint painting industry.
*Removal of crumb solids from the slaughter industry, the meat processing industry, and the fish processing industry
*Engineering drainage and combined wastewater treatment in urban sewage, pulp industry, chemical industry, etc