SA Series (filter extrusion type)
SA Series (filter extrusion type)
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)
▼ Relationship of treatment volume and solid content
Solid sludg


Model Usage
1 97 Test machine Municipal sludge
2 65 Test machine Municipal sludge
3 60 Test machine Municipal sludge
4 53 Test machine Municipal sludge
5 50 Test machine Municipal sludge
6 45 Test machine Municipal sludge
7 30 Test machine Municipal sludge

SA-10 SA-20 SA-30 SA-40
Capacity (m3/hr) 10-40 20-80 30-100 40-150
Driving horsepower (HP) 5 10 15 20

Reference dimension

L 2800 3050 3250 3780
W 1040 1090 1140 1190
H 1850 2000 2050 2350
Reference weight (kgs) 800 1050 1200 1680
* The amount of treatment varies depending on the physical properties, type and solid content.
* The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the company reserves the right to design changes.
* Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.
It is widely used in sludge filtration or process water filtration. It is solid-liquid separation in a pressure system, and solid impurities are trapped and dehydrated. Applied to the following media solid-liquid separation:
* Primary sludge / fresh sludge
* Mixing / floating sludge
* Grease / digested sludge
* Secondary sludge / excess sludge
* Fecal sludge
* Sewage and sludge generated in industrial production processes
* Circle water and process wate

* Filter press, the solid content of the grid residue after dehydration can reach 45%
* Online pressure filtration system for solid-liquid separation of various sludges and process waters, especially viscous and oil-rich sludge.
* Reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve the safety of subsequent sludge treatment operations, such as concentration, digestion, dehydration, sanitation, drying, etc.
* Solid-liquid separation filter pore size selection range 0.15 to 5mm, also suitable for industrial applications.
* It is suitable for recycling water, saving costs and achieving recycling purposes.
* The sludge filtration treatment capacity can reach 110m3/hr. The process water filtration capacity can reach 150m3/hr (depending on the filter pore size).
* Safe and reliable filter self-cleaning, no need to rinse additional water.
* Automatic taper adjustment to obtain the optimal dewatering value of grid slag.