SY-S Series (heavy duty type)
Machine outline diagram
Standard specifications (Contact for customized)
▼ Standard specifications (Contact for customized)

SY-15S SY-20S SY-30S SY-40S SY-50S SY-60S
Treating capacity
(kg D.S./Hr)
Inlet consistency(D.S.1~10%)
20~50 80~130 130~200 170~270 220~330 260~400
Driving motor power (HP) 0.5~1 1~2 2~3 3~5 3~5 3~7.5
Reference machine dimension(mm) L 2800 3050 3400 4300 5450 6450
W 1020 1100 1200 1300 1400 1550
H 980 1040 1130 1230 1420 1600
Reference weight (kgs) 980 1270 1760 3480 5560 7600
* The amount of treatment and moisture content depend on the physical properties, type and solid content of the sludge.
* The driving horsepower and the amount of processing will vary depending on the physical properties and types of sludge.
* The specifications are accepted outside the specification, and the company reserves the right to design changes.
* Please ask for the actual installation dimension drawing before ordering.
Schematic diagram of direct dewatering of mud and water

* Dewatering of paper pulp sludge, dyeing and finishing fiber sludge, leather sludge, urban sewage sludge, flue gas desulfurization sludge, civil engineering residue, animal husbandry manure and so on.
* The secondary extrusion of the sludge after dewatering by the drum / filter belt can reduce the water content again, and can be reduced from 85% to 35% (depending on the type of sludge), effectively reducing the post-fractional freight..
* Recycling and dewatering treatment of various waste industries
* Dehydration of related substances such as dross, fiber, granules, etc. in related industrial manufacturing
* Used for those who have extremely high moisture content.